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Real Estate Developers Subdivision Completion Bonds.

For Commercial and Residential Developments... instead of Letters of Credit.

Real estate developers are required to post security to guarantee completion of subdivision improvements such as streets, roads, curbs, utilities, landscaping and drainage.

Through The Bond Agency qualified developers can obtain Subdivision Completion bonds to meet their security requirements. Bonds can often be obtained for the same price as Bank Letters of Credit, which frees up bank lines and borrowing capacity.

To apply for a subdivision bond, please Click Here to open and download the subdivision bond application.

Please fax / mail the following additional underwriting information for subdivision bonds:

  1. Two Years Corporate financial statements for the parent development company (or any affiliated companies controlled by the equity owners of the development entity).
  2. Personal Financial statement of the individual owners or partners of the development entity.
  3. Reduced copy of the approved subdivision engineering or plot plan.
  4. Sales / Marketing Brochures describing development, economic projections (i.e. land acquisition and hard costs, soft costs, number of lots, sales price, etc) financing commitment letters from Bank.
  5. Worksheets / Estimates from the Municipality or County showing the required amount of the bond or security.
  6. Contractor Cost Estimates for the work subject to the bond.
  7. Any Agreement with the County or Municipality controlling the development, stipulating requirements or defining the bond requirements.

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